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$315,000 No-Fault Benefits Awarded for Rollover Accident Victim in Michigan

My client was involved in a rollover accident where he suffered severe injuries including multiple broken bones.

After several days in the hospital, my client was sent home with instructions to not “lift more than a cup of coffee” with his arm. He had to endure months of treatment and therapy to recover from the injuries he sustained.

Confusingly, the insurance company denied my client’s entire claim. The reason? They had not, after several months, done any actual work to determine the “order of priority” for the claim – a kind of flowchart list that’s part of the No-Fault law that determines which insurance company is responsible to pay for benefits.

Without having paid a dime for my client’s medical and other No-Fault benefits, his insurance company sent him to an “Independent Medical Evaluation” in hopes their doctor would say my client was recovered and they didn’t have to pay. Instead, their doctor agreed my client was severely injured in this accident and needed continued treatment and help with daily activities.

With all of this evidence, the insurance company surely decided to pay for my client’s recovery and outstanding benefits? No – the insurance company continued to deny his claim.

My client continued to treat in order to recover from his injuries, needed help with chores at home, and was prescribed attendant care benefits – all of which the insurance company, without good reason, refused to pay.

I fought for my client and was able to obtain $315,000 to pay his medical bills, attendant care benefits, and other outstanding No-Fault benefits.