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Before locating the Whiting Law firm, I had just left an attorney who I felt was doing less than stellar work on my auto accident case. Vowing not to make the same mistake twice, I assembled multiple questions and met with five prominent auto accident attorneys, Paul among them. I thoroughly reviewed all of the attorneys before setting the meetings. Though all were very nice, Paul’s conversational fluidity of the challenges ahead was refreshing as well as the fact that he felt my expectations were achievable. That was contrary to the uncertain responses I received from the other attorneys with whom I had met.

He met and exceeded my expectations. The demeanor of both him and his associates has always been of the utmost professionalism. Their prompt attention and quick response to my ongoing concerns were extremely helpful as my cases progressed through the legal system. In short, he delivered in the end what he said he would do in the beginning.

Mark Sinclair

Having someone to call and talk with who was knowledgeable about the process was a great comfort to me. Larry answered all my questions and helped with so much—even through my crying and emotional stress of TBI and disability. I couldn’t have done it without all the help I got from your law office. Thanks very much!

L. Stidham

I would like to take this time to “Thank You” and your entire firm for your outstanding service in handling my case with SSA. Your commitment to your clients was more than expected.


The best people that I could ever find from Connie who answered the phone (and we always had a good conversation), to Larry who made everything happen as it did. I never could find any faults with this firm or its people. I cannot thank Larry for doing all this. Larry made everything work and explained all to me. He always took my call and always got back to me. I thank you all again.

M. Dran

You have helped me tremendously in all this Larry and I really appreciate it!! You have helped me through some rough times during this because of your kind words. I know it’s not over yet….but boy what a relief to have that done! It was very stressful to me today…but I felt prepared because of you. So thanks again for everything!


Very unexpected in a good way! Very kind, professional, quick acting and no upfront fees. I went through Social Security disability and won my case of course with help of Whiting Law. I didn’t have to pay a dime during the whole procedure. Mr. Mike Korby was a perfect gentleman. I’m trying to get the word out about this firm. Bottom line—do it!

Dean M. Taylor

I am extremely pleased with the services I received from Whiting Law. My questions were answered in a timely manner. Your company took care of me and made sure everything ran smoothly. I am very grateful for all your efforts. Thank you very much. I will proudly recommend your firm to whoever is in need of this service. Thank you again.

A. Bolander

We just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you’ve been doing on my case and for all your help. We appreciate everything you have done and will continue to do! Thank you to all of you, especially Carrie & Judith.

D. & N. Wilson

I never did properly thank you for all that you’ve done. It’s been such a blessing. It makes things so much easier to focus on just getting better. My children are delighted that they receive money too. Thanks again, and I wish you the best.

Jamie B.

I greatly appreciate Whiting Law for representing my claim. It was a long hard battle, but they fought and won. Thank you Whiting Law.

Linda Worthy

My review and experience of my representation at Whiting Law has been a pleasurable experience at a very difficult time. Jeremy Stoller was assigned to me and has represented the Whiting Law Firm in a positive light. Jeremy is a very compassionate attorney that works diligently to assist and advise his clients. Jeremy made my legal experience much easier with attention and care. Mr. Stoller kept me informed of the progress of my case from start to finish. All phone calls were returned with promptness and attention was given to every aspect of my case. Mr. Stoller was a big comfort to me and my daughter, Brittney, at the time of our depositions. I would recommend Whiting Law and Jeremy Stoller to my family, peers and associates.

Rochelle Nicole Lee

The very first phone call to The Whiting Law Firm I felt they had my best interest with what was going on with me. Stephen Hardy has been representing me. Stephen and his team have done a wonderful job of keeping me informed and what was on the horizon, along with what needed to be done on my end. Before the deposition and settlement meetings, Stephen explained to me who each person was and what they were there for and what was going to happen and answered all my questions along with putting me at ease. I was very pleased with the settlement offer, and would recommend Stephen to anyone.

James Hagins

To Whiting Law and to my [paralegal] Jennifer McGregor, I would like to thank you for taking my case and being very professional and very patient and you gave me all the help and information about my claim. I was in doubt when you told me that within 3 to 6 months that I will get the result and the retirement disability. Well, I was wrong. It actually did resolve in 3+ months and it was my fault that it went beyond 3 months due to my not sending the necessary papers and documents that you needed. I would gladly recommend you to people or persons that are in the same situation as I am and would tell them to have all the papers and documents ready to get a positive result. Thank you for your time and kind regards.

Winston R. D. Ortiz

Whiting Law took my case seriously. The paralegal named Jennifer McGregor walked me through each step, patiently explaining every detail, answering every question. Within 3 months my case settled! Thank you Whiting Law for making a very tough time a little easier!

D. Winnett

Your company did a great job with assist with my SS disability. I appreciate the job you did.

W. T.

Thank you for all your help. I appreciate all the work you did to get this for me. I will recommend you to other people who need help.

Connie V.

I would like to thank your team at Whiting Law for help with my case and for how fast things went because life is short and I feel as if time doesn’t wait on anyone. So thank you guys so much with my case. I will tell everybody about Whiting Law. Keep up the good work!

Reo English