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Serious Truck Accidents Require Serious Representation

Once trucks are over a certain size, accidents related to these vehicles are called truck accidents. Smaller trucks are treated much the same as cars when it comes to accidents. The classification for truck accidents includes 18-wheelers, or tractor-trailers, big rigs, or semi-trucks.

These trucks weigh over 10,000 pounds and can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Large commercial vehicles like these are in a different category and can inflict enormous harm in road accidents.

Complex Laws Govern Trucks

Some legal measures have been put in place to keep everyone safer with these large commercial trucks in continuous operation.

Laws – both state and Federal – regulate their operation in an attempt to lower the chance of an accident in two ways: 1) by keeping these trucks in good working order; and 2) by keeping tired drivers off the road. Accidents involving these much larger vehicles are more likely to cause serious injury, and companies that operate trucking fleets know that a violation of these safety rules can cause serious consequences.

Accidents that involve larger trucks can seriously injure people or even result in death. Whether you or someone close to you has been involved in a serious truck crash, give our attorneys at Whiting Law a call. We will look at your specific situation and talk with you about your legal rights and any options you may have. Simply call us at 248-355-5900 for your free, confidential initial consultation.

We Can Help Build A Strong Case

If a lawsuit is indicated, there is a lot of evidence that will need to be gathered, much of it from the trucking company that owns the involved truck.

This includes:

  • Vehicle operator’s driving record
  • Maintenance record for that specific truck
  • Log of the truck driver’s recent driving hours
  • Accident record of the truck company

To help you sort out what the truck driver or trucking company is responsible for, we will investigate your accident to determine whether the driver:

  • Was drinking
  • Operated the vehicle unsafely
  • Was fatigued
  • Made an error in judgment
  • Had been carrying a large, unstable load
  • Was driving a truck that had defective equipment
  • Experienced equipment failure
  • Failed to meet current inspection standards

Before you sign anything related to a motor vehicle accident involving a truck, we recommend that you contact us before talking with the driver’s or trucking company’s insurance company. Signing the wrong papers could mean you relinquish all legal claims and are not reimbursed in the way that you should be.

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