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Compassionate And Skilled Counsel After A Wrongful Death

At Whiting Law, we would like to believe that everyone operates according to a moral code that requires them to do no harm, think about their actions, and consider the possible consequences of not being responsible with property, equipment or medical care, to name a few areas where there have been problems.

Obviously, this is not the case, and tragically, there are times when someone loses a life because of another’s failure to act responsibly. Wrongful death cases are initiated because someone didn’t do his or her job, was distracted, was incompetent or acted irresponsibly in some way.

Fierce Advocacy After A Tragedy

Wrongful death cases are among the most difficult ones we handle because, often, the loss could have been avoided. All it would have taken, in some cases, was someone taking the time to care and to think about the repercussions of a certain course of action, inaction, or delay to repair or construct something properly.

Because we help victims of such incidents, we are constantly reminded how unfair this is, and it compels us to act in the interest of these victims and their families who have suffered immeasurably as a result of someone else’s carelessness. We are fierce advocates for the rights of victims and their families in wrongful death cases, and we bring everything we have – experience, skills, knowledge of the law, settlement and in-court expertise, as well as compassion – to protect these rights at all times.

Losing someone you love is earth-shattering, and the emotional pain lingers for the rest of your life. As someone who is left behind, feeling the loss, you must deal with that loss and try to rebuild your life while moving forward from the tragedy. That alone is enough of a challenge. Besides struggling with the event, the process of coping while managing extra expenses and legal paperwork can make the tragedy feel even more overwhelming.

Rebuilding Your Life

As you try to deal with the tragedy that has shaken your life, it is critical that you safeguard the financial future of your family. Expenses can mount quickly, and seeking help from a qualified wrongful death attorney in Michigan will help you determine whether you may be able to recover the associated expenses.

Although it may be difficult, once you’ve dealt with the funeral arrangements, please try to reach out to a legal professional soon. As people who have compassion for what you’re going through, we’d like to help you through the next stage. Talk to us. We’ll listen and, together, we’ll explore your options – options that can help protect your family’s future.

Your Options

Of course, the money awarded in a wrongful death case cannot change the fact that you have lost someone who is irreplaceable in your life. But it’s important that you not let yourself become a victim of expenses you shouldn’t have to be responsible for. When a loved one’s death was due to someone’s carelessness or negligence and could have been avoided, the victim’s family may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit to seek compensation for medical and other expenses and for their loss.

Protecting yourself and your family from further financial damages is one positive thing you can do to begin to be compensated for the unnecessary physical loss of your loved one.

Although it may seem strange to file a lawsuit to attempt to be compensated for a personal loss, this can be a step forward in the grieving process. There is so much stress surrounding a death of a loved one that you might think this would add to it. Instead, contacting a compassionate, experienced attorney who will fight on your behalf can allow you to focus on mourning your loved one and not be consumed by financial anxiety or unfamiliar legal proceedings.

It’s Not About Money

It is natural to want to hold people responsible for their negligence, and it may help keep a similar tragedy from happening in the future. Let us help you do this by assisting you with considering a wrongful death claim. We’ll explain what the law is as well as how our experience can help you establish the most critical step – the burden of proof. We want what’s right and fair for you, and it is our desire to hold people accountable for their actions too.

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If you feel the loss of your loved one was a result of someone being careless or negligent, get in touch with us so that we can become familiar with your circumstances and advise you of any possible legal steps you can take.

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