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$500,000 Award for Severely Injured Woman

My client had slowed down while driving to allow for traffic flow and the defendant rear-ended her vehicle. The defendant was not only distracted, but was also driving without insurance. My client was covered under her own insurance policy with “uninsured motorist” coverage.

Some time later, on the way home from treatment for injuries from that auto accident, the car she was a passenger in tried to make a turn in traffic, didn’t complete the turn in time, and her car was struck by an oncoming vehicle. Not having recovered from the first accident’s injuries, she suffered even more injuries!

As is often the case, her insurance company sent her to several “Independent Medical Examinations” in the hopes they could deny payment for her No-Fault claim and pain & suffering claim. But even their doctors agreed my client’s injuries were related to the accidents. The insurance company tried to claim her injuries were not severe, that she was fully recovered, and ignored the treatment plan and opinions of her own doctors.

Before the accident, my client enjoyed working and spending time with friends and family. These accidents took away that joy, and not only does she need assistance daily, she has trouble sleeping and with normal activities many of us take for granted.

When the insurance company tried to deny this claim and say my client was fully recovered and not severely injured, I fought and won a $500,000 settlement for her pain and suffering.